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Arina Daur. "A Wizard of Earthsea"
"Arina Daur. "A Wizard of Earthsea""

«Кто сказал, что пишут красками? Пользуются красками, а пишут чувствами». Ж.-Б.С.Шарден

The International V Festival of Monotype, 2010

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.
W. Blake

The Festival is organized with the support of the St Petersburg Committee for Culture
International Festival of Monotype V in 2010 includes a lot of different events, such as an exhibition of works by contemporary artists, a conference, workshops of artists, concerts, the poetry readings, etc. The festival 2010 is dedicated to William Blake (1757-1827), a poet, a painter and an engraver, who was "one of the most original artists in the history of the world arts."
There will be an exhibition of the works of the artists from different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Finland and the USA. The main purpose of the festival is attracting of the interest to the art of monotype, the formation and development of the artistic views and taste in modern society, education in knowledge of the world art history.

Monotype («Mono» is «one», «typos» is «a print») is one of the most amazing kinds of fine art. There can be the only stamp that made by any paints on any basis. This technique involves many individual methods. And each artist uses this unique imprint in his own way. Monotype is called «the technique of divine intervention». It is improvisational and fatal. At the festival we will show the results of our researches: the works of artists, as well as the process in which one can participate during the master classes.

Within the framework of the festival:
1. The Exhibition of works by Artists-Monotypists.
2. The Conference devoted to the works by William Blake and art technique of monotype.
3. Master Classes of Artists-Monotypists (for children and adults).
4. The Concert «Improvisation of the overtone sounds».
5. The Poetry Evenings.
6. The Competition of Poetic Essays (on the topic related to monotype).
7. The photo competition.
8. The exhibition of photos.
9. The unique memorial exposition of Elizaveta Kruglikova’s art works
10. Exhibition of children's monotype works (studio "Echo")

The target audience of the festival:
There are no any age limits for the audience. All the peope, who is interested in painting, graphic arts, photos and interesting cultural events.

We draw attention to:
- Students and golden-agers;
- Families with children;
- Professional artists, fine art experts and publishers;
- Saint-Petersburgers and guests of our city.

The time and the place of the festival (March, 26 – April, 24, 2010):
- April, 5-19, 2010 – Markov Gallery (www.markov-gallery.com)
- April, 3-24, 2010, The center of the graphic arts, painting and design “StART Academy” (Lomonosova street, 1);
- March, 27 – April, 16, 2010, The Children’s Library of History and Culture of Saint-Petersburg ( the 2nd branch of the Central City Children’s Library n.a. A.S.Pushkin).

The partners of the festival:
- ART-GID.ru – culture and art of Saint-Petersburg (www.art-gid.ru),
- Internet-Agency AMORI Group (www.amori.ru),
- The Center of the Graphic Arts, Painting and Design “StART Academy” (www.startacademy.ru),
- Markov Gallery (www.markov-gallery.com), 
- The Project “ The Walks on Saint-Petersburg” (www.walkspb.ru),
- The Children’s Library of History and Culture of Saint-Petersburg ( the 2nd branch of the Central City Children’s Library n.a. A.S.Pushkin),
- The Central City Public Library n.a. V.V. Mayakovsky,
- ArtDare Agency – the organization of the artists and the artists’ promotion,
- The North-Western Press Institute SPbSUTD,
- The Photo School Civil Center Lensoveta,
- The Institution and School of Photo “St.Petersburg workrooms”,
- Soroptimist Club (The Women International Club St Petersburg-Galactic),
- Art-Competitions in Russia and world (www.artdeadline.ru),
- The Artists' Union of Russia,
- The Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts,
- The Saint-Petersburg State University of the Technology and Design,
- STOP in Finland, www.stopinfin.ru

The festival is with the assistance of:
- St Petersburg Committee for Culture,
- The Institute of the cultural programmes,
- The Administration of the Central district of Saint-Pteresburg (the Culture Department),
- The Consulate General of Finland, St. Petersburg .

Some words about the International Festival of Monotype IV (21.04.2009 – 11.05.2009).
It was organized with the support of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg in the Center of Books and graphic arts. 43 artists from different countries took part in the festival (Russia, Finland, Belarus ...). At about 3000 people visited the exhibition.

There was presented the exhibition of works by contemporary artists-monotypists and unique memorial exhibition of Elizabeth Kruglikova’s personal effects and works. The festival of monotype was dediated to this outstanding painter of the Russian Silver Age. Various program included conferences, poetry evenings, concerts, literary essay contest, 9 master classes: monotype and calligraphy, technique of etching on machine.

The maser classes for adults and children were taught by Natalia Khornilova and honoured artist of Russian Federation Anrei Harshak, Arina Daur, Liliya Tsibizova, Igor Khonakov, Elena Schelchkova, Peter Chobitko, Marina Zadernovskaya.

Mass Media shown interest to the festival (television channels The Culture, The VOT, radio Russia (St.-Petersburg); there were at about 70 annonces in the Internet Media.

A lot of favorable responses inspired the festival organizers for carrying the exhibition project in the autumn 2009. A unique memorial exhibition and works of contemporary artists were presented at the Anna Akhmatova’s Museum at the Fountain House (gallery "The Shed") from October 23 to November 8, 2009.

Our contacts:
The project manager of the Festival of the Monotype is Arina Daur (arindersen@yandex.ru, +7-921-777-97-77);
The project coordinator is Daria Klestova (polchok@gmail.com, polchok@yandex.ru, info@art-gid.ru, +7-921-639-93-34).

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